Chicken breast with Mash Potatoes

This chicken breast and mash potatoes dinner turned out quite well. But I must confess, the chicken breast did not turn out according to plan. It was my first attempt at making Ranch Chicken Breast. I had reservations because the recipe require breadcrumbs, and everybody knows breadcrumbs burn easily. Nevertheless, I gave it a try. And I must say the experience was fun. Yum! Yum!

Bacon, eggs and veggies

This delicious/nutritious bacon, eggs and veggies breakfast is a concoction; inspired by my late grandmother.

When I was growing up my grandma, who was a resourceful woman, talked a lot about turning her hands to make fashion. By that, she meant using whatever food stuff she had at a given time to make a delicious meal. And that’s what I did here.

There is no recipe for this meal. But anybody can make it.

Eggs, fried plantains and pancakes

Jamaican/American breakfast. Eggs and fried plantains are what most Jamaican parents feed their children before sending them off to school in the morning. The combo is very quick easy to prepare. The Pancakes and eggs portion of this combo is definitely American.