Sugar free cookies Sugar free cookies

I have always consumed more sugar than I should. But after my last doctor’s visit, I find it paramount important to cut back on my sugar intake. My doctor told me to go easy on the sugar because my blood sugar was high. In other words, I am prediabetes. Therefore, If I continued on my sugar binge, I could be diagnosed with type 11 diabetes in a couple of years.

I was surprised at the doctor’s somewhat casual demeanour as she advised me about the condition of my health. She said, “Stay away from the sweet stuff, carbohydrates, saturated fats and dairy products. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, beans and non-dairy products among other things.

Now, diabetes has claimed three branches on my family tree in my lifetime. I do not want to be the fourth. So I started my research, and it’s amazing what I have found thus far.