Tag: Spring

Juicy watermelon

Wish to quench thirst while reboosting your body with anti-oxidant lycopene and vitamin-A? Watermelon has everything you need to beat scorching summer heat. Wonderfully delicious and juicy melons are the great source of much-needed water and electrolytes to tame tropical summer temperatures. Botanically, the fruit belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae, in the genus: citrullus,

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Merger–Winter and Spring

Winter is still alive and brutal in the northeast. Snow and cold weather are wreaking havoc on our pocket books. We could hardly wait for spring to come. But to our surprise, spring came with more snow and cold weather.

Yellow birdie in apple tree

This yellow bird perched on the apple tree in my backyard, and started to dare me to get a good shot of her. She put on a command performance that is second to none I have seen. But in the end she outsmart me with her busybody self.