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Merger–Winter and Spring

Winter is still alive and brutal in the northeast. Snow and cold weather are wreaking havoc on our pocket books. We could hardly wait for spring to come. But to our surprise, spring came with more snow and cold weather.

Buried in snow

The North East is getting tired of the white stuff. It is like non stop snow showers every couple of days. We’re practically living in igloos. Do not get me wrong, a snowless winter is very rear in this part of the country. Nevertheless, it does get to your head after a while. I may

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Colorful sunset

Just beyond the sunset Someone waits for me Just beyond the sunset Lies my destiny Where the purple mountains Lie in deep tranquillity There I’ll find the treasure Of love eternally Just beyond the sunset Waits someone so fair Just beyond the sunset All alone they wait there Their hair is golden The colour of

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